A fact of life

Ok let’s deal with this right up front. First a question then the point. We’ll call this “An Unexpected Consequence of Prejudice”. You are swimming in your town’s annual “River Fest”. There are hundreds of your fellow town’s people standing on the edge of the river to watch. Like most towns today your’s is very diverse. You have blacks, whites, straights, gays, Muslims, Jews, Wiccan, Christians etc.. You get the picture. All of a sudden you have a cramp and start to drown.. Now here’s the question. Which of the people standing on the bank do you NOT want to jump in and save you? You helped these people decide that by the way you treated them long before you jumped into the river. Now the point. I’m gay. The fact of this does not define me but it’s part of me. By the way, I would jump into the river to save you even if I despised you but I would swim harder if I loved you.