1. Listen

From the recording Listen

I was sitting in church on Christmas and as I looked around I heard men talking about golf, saw women showing off the gifts they had received and kids acting like monsters. I started thinking that if God could only see those who were there just to praise Him would the church look empty? And then I thought nope. He would see me.



Today I heard someone knocking at my door
Seemed so odd no one see me any more
I walked the lonely pathway of the highly polished floor
Pulled the ornate handle like so many times before

I opened up the door as wide as it could stand
Felt the dark despair of winters icy hand

Standing on my front porch shivering in the cold
Stood a bright eyed frightened child I could see was not to old
He raised his hands before him and held them out to me
Stared into the distance with eyes that could not see
I opened up my heart as wide as it could stand
Reached into the winter and took his icy hand

We sat and talked together by the flickering candle light
Exchanged a few small presents for giving seemed so right
He gave to me his love I gave him back his sight

Then he turned and walked to the still unclosed door
Left me standing all alone in my empty church once more