1. Eyes of a Poet

From the recording Eyes of a Poet

When I was in college I talked a friend into reading one of his poems at a “Talent Show”. He wove a story about a lonely young boy who brought home a wounded bird. As he helped it to recover he began to fear it would leave him. So the first day it could fly he killed it. The birds name was “Friendship”. It made the audience very uncomfortable and I noticed that they were not looking at the stage and I knew that they knew “a poet sees”


Singing words of poetry returning to my mind
Trying to remember the half forgotten line
Words of common verbiage woven into lace
The words speak of the poet
The poem reveals his face

The poet writes the music
The singer sings the rhyme
And the beating of their heart
Resounds in perfect time

So deeply wrapped in solitude I watch the poet spin
The tapestry of poetry
That speaks of love within
Sometimes softly whispering in gentle rhythmic rhyme
But often crying painfully in undetermined time


How sad the poets words must fall on deafened ears
And roll across the redden cheeks
Like so many unshed tears
Their voices ring with laughter at his tragedy
But they’re afraid to look at him
For they know a poet sees