From the recording Cinema Vita -- NEW

Ok this is fun…

I had written some music for an Italian Independent Film Called “Que Sera” and we were meeting the writer, Marcello Garofalo, in New York to talk some things over. He was the curator for a photographic retrospective of Movie Stills from films by Bernardo Bertolucci at the “Art Directors Club”. While I was watching all of the people look at the different photos I was amazed by how many of them would move into a pose like the characters they were looking at. I thought how easy life would be if I were a character in a movie. Everything would be setup, I would know exactly what was expected of me and exactly how things would work out, “Cinema Vita” --- “Film of Life”. This song is dedicated to Marcello.. my friend.. my brother...


I wish my life were like a movie
Each word and action planned
I’d read the script
Learn my part
And I’d know just who I am

I’d take my problems to the writer
He’d resolve them with his pen
Create the man I want to be
And erase the fool I’ve been

But this play goes on day to day
And nothing ever changes
I live my life without a plan
I take whatever fate arranges

Why Can’t I see what’s wrong with me
Someone Show me who I am~~~

But the Lights have dimmed
I’ve picked my part
Let the fantasy begin

I wish my life were like a movie
I’d play the heroes part
Everyone would love me
I’d captuer every heart

When each scene was over
The world would stand and cheer
They’d feel so lost without me
But safe when I was near