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Matthew Temple: Links

I went up to visit Elijah Black and we shot this video for A Jealous Heart.. Let me knw what you think.
Bears On The Run
The tour is called BEARS ON THE RUN and showcases the talents of Bobaloo (a comedian from L.A.), Kendall (a songwriter/performance artist from Buffalo N.Y.), Matthew Temple (a folk singer/songwriter from Nashville, T.N.), Nakia (a Blues singer/songwriter from Austin, T.X.), Elijah Black (a rock singer/songwriter from Akron, OH) and Shannon Grady (a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, M.N.).
This is a great site to find Art, Music, Plays, Books & a lot of other entertainment for, by or about our Bear community. Go have a look...
This is a great site. You need to go have a look!!!
Chester Thompson
Chester is back on tour with "Genesis" in 2007. Check out his site for: Clinic Dates, Tour Dates, Drum Links, Feature Articles and lots more.
Woobie Bear Music
Woobie Bear Music is the creation of Greg Hudson. His commitment to promoting Bear musicians was one of the deciding factors for the production of The Journey. He is an inspiration to many of us in the Bear community. His own words reveal the truly kind spirit that I know him to be…”I sincerely hope that thru Woobie Bear Music and the many talented Bears represented here, you can find peace and comfort in yourself, or simply take a moment to enter our world and escape from yours. May your journey be filled with Peace, Love and Security.”
Bear Radio
Launched in the October of 2003, Bear Radio Network, a subsidiary of Online Express Music, is a webcast featuring some of the best gay, lesbian and gay friendly artists on the net. Our objective is to introduce our audience to a diverse selection of music, an alternative to the pure techno/house format.
Nashville Chamber Orchestra
David Davidson is a founding member of the "Nashville Chamber Orchestra" and one of Nashville's most sought after violinists.